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Hi! My name is Vaibhav( pronounced v uh y - bh uh v). My past 26 years on this planet, with majority of that spent in cities, have made me experience so much information that my background in architecture(design) combined with my passion to travel and photograph seems more relevant than ever. This has inspired me to engage more in the process of dealing with complex urban narratives(climate,environment,living) across various scales. Hence, my work draws inspiration from different fields of technology, arts, information, material sciences and  anthropology", to name a few.

I am currently pursing a six month Fab Academy diploma called "How to make Almost Anything" taught by Neil Gershenfeld through a distributed educational model. This diploma helps me in expanding my interdisciplinary domain. My diploma culminates in a final project on Self Assembly.  You can find my Fab Academy work here.


My works and projects as solutions to problems, have a certain form and structure that necessarily come from my formal education in architecture but on the contrary I am a strong believer that this can surely change and hence I have been collaborating with people from outside my discipline.

The works(individual as well as collaborative) presented here also describes a story of "searching" for a larger meaning. Earlier projects have dealt more with the architecture spaces and its nuances and with time they have aimed at sustainability in one form or another.


Feel free to ask me any question related to my work or just drop me an email to brainstorm. My CV can be found here.

(The above photograph was taken during 24 hour non-stop innovation marathon at European Forum Alpbach, Austria in 2017 :D)